We are here to help you, so please feel free to call or email us any other questions that are not listed below!

How is your Program different to other gyms and classes?

We specialize in private personal training that caters to people who enjoy working out in a comfortable environment without the attitude or crowded gym. We aim to create the ultimate individualized program guaranteed to get you results. We take a functional approach to training, incorporating bodyweight training, the TRX, kettlebells and other exciting new fitness tools allowing you to exceed your goals in a private environment. You can start anytime and continue indefinitely! The best results occur when you consistently workout a minimum 3 sessions a week for at least 6 months. Remember fitness is for life, not just for summer.

Where can we workout?

We’ll work together at SKYEFiT personal training gym. It’s a private space, so there are no distractions.

What should I wear to workout?

Wear comfortable workout clothes, like shorts, t-shirts and sneakers. No fancy gear required. You’re here to workout, not to meet the Queen!

What should I bring to the workouts?

Bring a water bottle. We provide a towel for you. Workout gloves are also helpful to protect your hands when lifting weights. Most importantly, bring your sense of humor and get ready for awesomeness! The workouts are challenging but fun… the only serious part is the results.

Do you have restrooms or changing facilities?

Yes! We have changing rooms, showers and lockers available to keep your belongings safe.

What types of exercises are involved?

We love to use TRX in our workouts! We combine this with plenty of bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, core exercises and twisting with fun cardio intervals of jumping, running, climbing stairs, and other fun surprises… lots of sexy moves to transform your body shape!

How soon will I see results?

You will feel results within 14 days of training consistently with us. Together, we’ll set a realistic goal timeline in your first session. In terms of seeing results, it can take 2-6 weeks depending on your previous experience, effort level and commitment. Just remember, everyone is different.

What if I have to travel for work, or miss a workout because of illness or go on vacation?

We are flexible so session times can be re-scheduled as long as you give appropriate notice (at least 24 hours).  If you will be away for a longer period, we have an online training option. Please contact us for more details.

I’m really out of shape, is this the right type of training for me?

Yes! We welcome all levels of fitness, and any exercise can be modified to be more or less difficult.

Can I still workout if I have an injury or pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, but it is important when completing the pre-activity screening to disclose all information. The exercises performed can be modified and all trainers are highly skilled and proficient in exercise modifications for people with injuries, or medical conditions like Diabetes.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule your session time. You can do this by texting, calling or emailing me. Missed sessions must be made up during the month for which you are currently enrolled. Unused days will expire at the end of the month; no credits or refunds will be issued.

What if I miss a session without giving cancellation notice?

You will be charged and forfeit the session. This is not negotiable. The 24 hour cancellation policy is put in place for you to get the best possible performance results and help you reach your potential.


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