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Shopping for Fat Loss

Fat loss happens in the kitchen. For this to be effective, you need fresh and healthy produce in your fridge.

how to grocery shop for fat loss

All sounds great, but where does this come from? Last I checkedĀ it doesn’t magically appear. You have to go and hunt it down. Not literally guys, I mean go to the store.

So I have a little confession. Last week I made a huge mistake (don’t worry mum and dad, I’m not writing this from a jail cell).

It was a horrible, rainy afternoon in New York. One of those insane storms had just hit and of course I had no umbrella – I swear was sunny five minutes before. Anyway, I had just finished training my clients and had to pick up vegetables (broccoli, kale, spinach) and chicken breast on my way home, for dinner later that night.

I dashed into the grocery store – and suddenly, I realized I was absolutely starving. Everything in the store looked SO good. As you know, one of my golden rules for fat loss is to NOT do grocery shopping when you’re hungry! So there I was, dazed and confused, super hungry and in search of my favorite foods.

Fortunately, the storm passed and I made it out alive. I didn’t come home with banana bread, chocolate, bagels, peanut butter, ice cream or the huge loaf of fresh bread that looked so delicious.

But, it was really tough. It took a ton of willpower. I would actually describe it as torture. Seriously, the grocery store here is bad enough without doing this to yourself.

Fat loss and eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult like this. You can make a simple, better choice and save yourself the pain. First of all, you need to know which particular food triggers you.

What Are Your Trigger Foods?

Here is a quick step by step guide to beat the treat:

1. Identify your trigger food: Face it, we all have foods that we totally can’t resist. You have to figure out what food sends you into a feeding frenzy.

For me – it’s banana bread. I have such a weakness for this stuff. Did you know you can eat it anytime? It’s perfect for breakfast/lunch/dinner or just as a snack with coffee. A few years ago back in Sydney, my flatmates would buy big loaves of fresh banana bread and leave it in the house. Needless to say you know how this is going to end.

Banana breadĀ made me fat. This addiction was part of the reason I was 30lbs overweight.

2. Lock it out: Do whatever it takes to keep this food out of your house. Do not let it sit in your cupboard/fridge/freezer because I guarantee you will eat it. And then, you will feel guilty/upset/useless all because you had a moment of weakness.

Keep it away. Plain and simple. Also, food can’t walk, or throw itself out so anything in your house will eventually be eaten. I guarantee you. I’m so sure, I’m even willing to bet a protein shake on it.

Remember, strategies for fat loss trump willpower.

3. Fat loss is not sweet: Lay off the sweets. It hurts to say goodbye, but it’s totally worth it. Sugar will halt any of your fat loss attempts. It’s like an addictive drug.

I’m an ex-sweet tooth monster, all thanks to my dad for getting me started on the white junk when I was a little tacker. Over many years of research, I can tell you endless bingeing on sugary treats will never fill you up. So you know what I’ll say next – don’t leave this lying around for you to munch on.

The bottom line: The simple way to avoid your trigger foods is to not have them lingering in your house.

Today, try not to torture yourself like I did – have a snack before you go grocery shopping.

Or better still, get someone else to go and do it for you!

Have an awesome day!

Kate :)