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Amazing Guilt-Free Cheesecake Recipe

Did you know New York has some of the most delicious cheesecake in the world?

Dangerous territory for sweet tooth monsters (like me!).

Looking to indulge without the carb overload and guilt?

Today I have a super cheesecake recipe that won’t destroy your hard work in the gym. I tested this recipe I got from Cassandra Forsythe – she is an expert in nutrition and super smart. I’ll be doing an interview with her next week to get more amazing tips and recipes.

Now I know you might be surprised by this, but I can bake. It doesn’t happen too often, but when I make a celebrity appearance in the kitchen – it’s serious!

High-Protein Cheesecake


Serves 8 people (or 4 hungry people)

– 2 cups part-skim ricotta cheese

– 2 medium organic eggs

– ½ cup reduced fat sour cream

– ½ cup vanilla whey protein powder

– ¼ stevia

– Grated rind and juice of one fresh lemon

– 1 tsp. vanilla extract


  1. Pre heat the oven to 375 F.
  2. Put all the ingredients in the blender, and process until very smooth.
  3. Spray a 9 inch pie pan with cooking spray. Pour mixture into prepared pan.
  4. Place pan on the top rack of the oven and place a flat pan of water on the bottom rack.
  5. Bake for 30-40 minutes – keep an eye on it!
  6. Chill in the fridge for at least 90 minutes before serving.

Nutritional Stats: 190 calories; 20g protein; 7g carbs (1g fiber); 9g fat (5g saturated)

Keep yourself out of trouble this weekend and try this recipe. Or better still, get someone to bake it for you!

Have a great weekend.

Kate :)

The Truth About Cardio and Fat Loss

Hello lovely people!

What is the biggest mistake you are making when training for fat loss? For a moment, let’s forget about your nutrition and talk specifically about your workouts. Are you being consistent, following a plan and still not seeing results?

This is the reason why: It’s been scientifically proven, on a number of occasions. We’ve been reading this literature for years and I’ve tried and tested both theories on myself, and my clients.

The culprit is steady state cardio and aerobics. I love it but I hate it. I love going out for a nice steady run, enjoying the park, the sunshine and getting a dose of inspiration. It’s by no means easy. You get sweaty. Hot. All the fun stuff that comes with a workout. I’m tired but not exhausted. Just happy.

So what’s the problem with this workout and WHY am I not losing body fat? Here is the dark side of steady state cardio and aerobics. I hate it because it seems like it would be the best way to lose fat. You spend 30-40 minutes with your heart rate elevated, but it’s far from your capacity. You’re putting in an effort, but in a way you are disconnected. At least it’s good for your heart.

So can’t you just go out for a run to lose fat and get fit? Simple answer is no.

The reality of the fat loss cardio myth really hit home for me after I ran a marathon. The part that really got me was the training time vs training effect. I would run for 2-3 hours most weekends training for a marathon, averaging 30-45 miles a week. Sure I was in fantastic cardiovascular shape and I was losing weight. But not body fat!!

My muscles were disappearing, my arms and stomach were soft – kind of like marshmallow – even though I was doing resistance training! Most long run workouts would burn 1300-2000 calories. That’s a LOT. I did a number crunch after the last NY marathon just because I love stats. I burnt 49,289 calories in 3 months of endurance running training which in theory, equals 14 pounds of fat! So that didn’t happen.. And I was amazed at how little body fat I lost. However, this was the final nail in the aerobics coffin.

In fact, you have to be extra careful not to overeat calories when training for an endurance event. Many people think it’s an opportunity to enjoy an open buffet of carbs at every meal. You see, it will make you hungry and doing high volume steady state exercise can potentially backfire on you.  I remember when I started endurance training, I would wake up in the middle of the night absolutely starving. By 4am I was so hungry I could eat 1000 bagels. OK maybe not that many, but I was really hungry. If you’re not careful, you can very easily overeat. So if anything, I think steady state exercise makes fat loss MORE difficult. You really need to watch your calorie intake.

How Can This Be Happening?

That’s exactly what I thought. Unfortunately, your body is against you in the quest to lose fat. You see, it wants to be efficient as possible. This means it will adapt to whatever exercise you are doing, in order to reach equilibrium and maintain efficiency. So how does this relate to you — when you start working out or change your program, you will see changes in your body within the first 1-2 months. Remember results vary and everyone is different. But, if you continue to do the same workouts, same intensity (like steady state cardio) along comes the dreaded plateau. You will no longer see results and your body becomes an efficient fat-storing machine.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE running (I’m actually addicted) and I have nothing against aerobics. But — I only do long steady state workouts if I’m training for an endurance event, like a half or full marathon. I know I probably won’t lose body fat and that’s fine because it’s not the goal. To fuel this amount of endurance training you need carbs, carbs, carbs. And trust me, if you decide to cut back and short change yourself – it’s no fun hitting the wall at mile 20.

So think about your goal. To complete an endurance event (a race longer than 60 minutes), you need to do steady state aerobics. But, if your goal is to lose body fat and get in great shape, the best workouts are… coming to your inbox on Monday!

Find out how I managed to get my muscles back and fat-burning machine switched on post marathon.

I’ll be back with the BEST workout solution for fat loss on Monday. Get excited!!

Have an awesome weekend!

Kate :)

What Is Your Program Missing?

Hello lovely people!

Welcome to a new week! Let’s make it filled with success and achievement. Two things: have you been keeping track of your progress? Are you celebrating small milestones on your journey to greatness?

Here’s a potential situation: You’ve been inconsistent with your workouts and naturally, your diet shifts into freestyle mode before it totally goes out the window. It’s a shame, you put in all this hard work – then in one foul negative mood, all is forgotten and you feel like a failure. Back to the drawing board.

Something was missing and you couldn’t keep it together. What is this key factor you are missing that can change your rate of success? Accountability. The power of this system is so underrated. Everyone knows it is important to exercise and eat a healthy diet – but emotionally, fat loss can be tough to navigate alone. A diet book can only guide you and show you what to do. So who is out there keeping an eye on you?

This weekend I’ve been exploring all things relating to accountability. It’s a big factor so often overlooked. Not only does it affect your motivation – in the grand scheme of things it affects the likelihood you will reach your goals. It is serious!

The first step in accountability is a simple one. No one can keep you accountable if you don’t have a goal or a deadline. Or worse, you don’t tell anyone your goal! So get your goal written down now, set that deadline and start telling people about it.

A fat loss coach can provide a level of accountability unparalled to others. Your body doesn’t transform overnight – it is a journey, an emotional process that can be unpredictable. No matter what your goal is, there will be a time when progress is slow or difficult. In the end, you have to do the work. You are far more likely to succeed when you have a strong support network in your corner.

Coaches are the key to success. Even top performers and elite athletes have coaches to help them improve and reach their goals. Is this level of accountability your missing link?

There’s a number of awesome ways to keep yourself accountable:

1. Your Coach: the trusted expert who is guiding you, your support system and your mentor.

2. Family and/or Friends: having a reliable workout pal, or a family member cooking delicious healthy meals for you can strength your support network and keep you accountable.

3. Workout Log/Food Diary: this is one of my favorites, but it is time consuming and takes discipline to complete on a regular basis. The best thing is you can see your progress and reviewing your workouts over time can build your confidence.

4. Online Forums: there are plenty of forums available and the community support and feedback can keep you accountable.

Personally, a training diary and food log apps keep me accountable to my physical goals. I love the feeling of reviewing my workouts over time, and seeing I can lift more or run faster.

Whatever method you prefer, be held accountable. An accountability system is definitely the best way to fast track your success and reach your goals.

Have an awesome week!

Kate :)

Thoughts On A Sunny Friday..

Hello lovely people!

It is such a beautiful sunny day here in New York, it really feels like summer is on the way. This week has been an interesting one. The other day, a client asked me what I thought was the most important aspect of a workout program. Does nutrition or exercise deserve more credit? Actually, I believe your mindset is the most critical component of a program. It’s the underlying foundation that will make or break your plans to succeed. No workout or exercise plan will ever work for you if you are not in the right head space.

So where’s your head at?

20120413-170437.jpgThis is simple analogy of the power of mindset. You are your own computer programmer, and you can write the program for the person you want to become. Every day, you have about 50,000 commands (thoughts) to send to your computer (brain). The one thing you have absolute control over here is every thought you let enter your brain. You must program your brain for success. These thoughts you have are programming messages to your brain to tell your body to behave a certain way. If you choose the right, positive commands – you will ultimately make the right decision to take you closer to your goals. You are programming yourself, and the best part is – you have total control.

This weekend, listen to the thoughts in your head. Think about your thoughts. Be aware of what you think to yourself and how you talk to yourself. Are the 50,000 thoughts a day taking you towards your goal? Are they helping you? Every thought is contributing to the decision making process to take you closer to your goal, or further away from it.

Your attitude is everything. You have control. If you have a positive attitude and mindset, you are far more likely to make the right decisions and you will succeed.

Have an awesome weekend!

Kate :)

Thoughts On A Great Friday

Hello lovely people!

It’s Friday again and the weekend is happening! Happy Easter and Passover!

So it’s probably going to be a weekend of feasting. What’s your plan – famine then feast? Resist the temptation using mind over matter? Perhaps another weekend of nutritional free styling?

This weekend is going to affect your training and diet. It doesn’t have to be a train wreck – you can control the attack of the chocolate bunny. However, the real question is – do you have the willpower to restrain yourself? Studies show willpower is limited, meaning you may be able to resist the chocolate now, but it may be hard to resist it later. When you’re tired or lack energy, your willpower to say no is depleted and you give in to temptation. How can you overcome this? Strategy.

Strategy trumps willpower. Strategy will keep you on track and help you succeed when you’re vulnerable. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Implementing simple strategies can make a massive difference. First, you have to work out what your triggers are. For example, if you have a weakness for chocolate/ice cream or anything sweet (like me..) don’t have any in your house. It will eventually call your name and you’ll eat it. When food comes into your house, it generally doesn’t walk out. You will eat it. It’s only a matter of time. I also don’t understand when people bake a whole tray of brownies and then think they’ll have willpower to resist eating any. I have zero willpower in this situation – which is why I don’t bake!

So for the next few days, don’t leave your success to chance. Relying on willpower is not a good plan. Implement a strategy to help you overcome your greatest trigger and feel the difference on Monday.

Have an awesome weekend!

Kate :)