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How To Beat Stress

Stress is a part of our daily lives and unfortunately there is no way to avoid it. Stress is different things to different people so the way stress affects you is very individualized. Certain situations you find stressful that cause you to meltdown may not even register on your spouse’s radar. It’s all about finding your balance.

When Stress Becomes an IssueHow To beat stress

Having a certain amount of stress in your life is good for you. It keeps you performing and motivated but too much stress in your life will wreak havoc on your health.

You can’t avoid all stress. It’s essential to learn how to manage and establish the most effective way to deal with stressful situations.

This is not coming from a stress-less, meditation expert. The following are real life stress management strategies from yours truly. I’m just like you, trying to figure out the best way to keep a handle on life.

8 Top Tips to Reduce Your Stress Levels

Tip #1 Train Regularly: This is my favorite stress buster. Are you surprised? Nothing like a super workout or run to get the blood pumping, endorphins flowing and get your stress under control. Even if you just go for a walk with your furry friend, it works wonders. If you can’t escape the office, a quick few minutes of jump rope or jumping jacks will definitely make a difference.

Tip #2 Catch Quality Zzzz’s: Sleeping a solid 8 hours a night is optimal. Easier said than done I know. Try to get more hours in before midnight. Apparently these are the bonus hours that are far more valuable for rejuvenation. No more late night talk shows. Quality sleep is the perfect antidote to stress.

Tip #3 Technology Detox: At least one hour before you go to sleep, turn off all your technology. All of it. That includes email. And Facebook. Switch it off and detach from it. I’m guilty of spending too much time on the Internet too, and it can derail your ability to fall asleep. Spend quality time with your family instead or read a book.

Tip #4 Avoid News Programs: Ok, I’m not suggesting going back to pre-historic living but watching the news is seriously depressing and stressful. Give yourself a break and switch off for a day. Or a week. Particularly now the Olympics are over and Presidential campaigning has commenced, no more news in our house until November. Let me know if I miss anything serious.

Tip #5 Have a Good Laugh: I don’t have any problems with this one. There is so much crazy shit going on in New York, you don’t have to look far to find something funny! But seriously, I’m a laid-back, chilled Aussie that will laugh at most stuff. It really does help to relieve stress. Try watching a comedy TV show or movie if you don’t find trivial, street randomness very funny.

Tip #6 Plan A Trip: Take a break and get away for a holiday more often. This is another favorite of mine for beating stress. I love traveling and exploring – it gives you something great to look forward to.

Tip #7 Go For a Swim: Much more enjoyable if it’s summer and you can get to the beach. Don’t try this if you can’t swim or it’s the middle of winter. That would be a kind of stressful…

Tip #8: Do Something You Love: Whatever you feel passionate about, do it! Don’t delay anymore. Disengage from a stressful situation and enjoy what you’re doing. Whether it’s baking, hiking, scrap booking or cleaning – have fun!

The most important thing is to experiment and figure out what works best for you and your body.

How do you relieve or reduce stress? Let me know in the comments box below.

Until next time, just chill out.

Kate :)