How To Have a Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend lovely people – you know what that means. Party! And it’s unofficially summer. It can also be a hit or miss for your healthy eating plans. Temptation to overindulge is right under your nose, literally. But with a few helpful strategies I have no doubt you’ll stay on track this weekend.

Americans love to grill on holiday weekends. So do Aussies who live in America. Here are my best tips for getting through the weekend without piling on the pounds.

1. Anything Fried is Not Your Friend: Dodging fried junk is a really simple way to avoid a ton of wasted calories. You can still enjoy the guacamole and salsa, just dominate with the veggies (carrots/celery/cucumber/cherry tomatoes).

2. Burgers: I’ve noticed the Americans love burgers. Best choice for your waistline is chicken or lean bison. Go light on the sauces too – tomato sauce (ketchup) and BBQ sauce are loaded with sugar. The other perfect grilled choice is salmon. If you think this is boring, consider this: have you ever seen a hottie on the beach eating a big burger? No. Exactly.

3. Lay Off the Deadly Sweets: You know the ones I mean. Keep your paws away from the evil stuff and get your sugar hit from fruit. Fresh berries, mango, pineapple and watermelon seems to be a hit over here. It’s a much healthier dessert and you still get a sweet finish.

4. Booze and Still Lose: Is this possible? As an Aussie that has tested a few theories on alcohol intake and fat loss, I can report you want to stick with clear alcohols and keep the sugars down. Vodka with soda water is my choice. Just don’t overdo it and make sure you drink plenty of water. Drinking and losing fat is tough, as the alcohol slows down fat metabolism and is just empty calories. Stick to your limits.

5. Don’t Give Up On Your Workouts: Just because it’s a holiday, doesn’t mean your body gets a holiday. It’s the best time to do an awesome workout! In fact, I find the holiday weekends can be even more productive as you have more time to train – and less people around the gyms. There’s no excuse for skipping it.

With all this is mind, make sure you have a game plan with limits if you’re going to a party that you know could get out of hand. You can still have fun!

Stay healthy, safe and have an awesome Memorial Day weekend!

Kate :)