What Is Your Program Missing?

Hello lovely people!

Welcome to a new week! Let’s make it filled with success and achievement. Two things: have you been keeping track of your progress? Are you celebrating small milestones on your journey to greatness?

Here’s a potential situation: You’ve been inconsistent with your workouts and naturally, your diet shifts into freestyle mode before it totally goes out the window. It’s a shame, you put in all this hard work – then in one foul negative mood, all is forgotten and you feel like a failure. Back to the drawing board.

Something was missing and you couldn’t keep it together. What is this key factor you are missing that can change your rate of success? Accountability. The power of this system is so underrated. Everyone knows it is important to exercise and eat a healthy diet – but emotionally, fat loss can be tough to navigate alone. A diet book can only guide you and show you what to do. So who is out there keeping an eye on you?

This weekend I’ve been exploring all things relating to accountability. It’s a big factor so often overlooked. Not only does it affect your motivation – in the grand scheme of things it affects the likelihood you will reach your goals. It is serious!

The first step in accountability is a simple one. No one can keep you accountable if you don’t have a goal or a deadline. Or worse, you don’t tell anyone your goal! So get your goal written down now, set that deadline and start telling people about it.

A fat loss coach can provide a level of accountability unparalled to others. Your body doesn’t transform overnight – it is a journey, an emotional process that can be unpredictable. No matter what your goal is, there will be a time when progress is slow or difficult. In the end, you have to do the work. You are far more likely to succeed when you have a strong support network in your corner.

Coaches are the key to success. Even top performers and elite athletes have coaches to help them improve and reach their goals. Is this level of accountability your missing link?

There’s a number of awesome ways to keep yourself accountable:

1. Your Coach: the trusted expert who is guiding you, your support system and your mentor.

2. Family and/or Friends: having a reliable workout pal, or a family member cooking delicious healthy meals for you can strength your support network and keep you accountable.

3. Workout Log/Food Diary: this is one of my favorites, but it is time consuming and takes discipline to complete on a regular basis. The best thing is you can see your progress and reviewing your workouts over time can build your confidence.

4. Online Forums: there are plenty of forums available and the community support and feedback can keep you accountable.

Personally, a training diary and food log apps keep me accountable to my physical goals. I love the feeling of reviewing my workouts over time, and seeing I can lift more or run faster.

Whatever method you prefer, be held accountable. An accountability system is definitely the best way to fast track your success and reach your goals.

Have an awesome week!

Kate :)