Thoughts On A Great Friday

Hello lovely people!

It’s Friday again and the weekend is happening! Happy Easter and Passover!

So it’s probably going to be a weekend of feasting. What’s your plan – famine then feast? Resist the temptation using mind over matter? Perhaps another weekend of nutritional free styling?

This weekend is going to affect your training and diet. It doesn’t have to be a train wreck – you can control the attack of the chocolate bunny. However, the real question is – do you have the willpower to restrain yourself? Studies show willpower is limited, meaning you may be able to resist the chocolate now, but it may be hard to resist it later. When you’re tired or lack energy, your willpower to say no is depleted and you give in to temptation. How can you overcome this? Strategy.

Strategy trumps willpower. Strategy will keep you on track and help you succeed when you’re vulnerable. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Implementing simple strategies can make a massive difference. First, you have to work out what your triggers are. For example, if you have a weakness for chocolate/ice cream or anything sweet (like me..) don’t have any in your house. It will eventually call your name and you’ll eat it. When food comes into your house, it generally doesn’t walk out. You will eat it. It’s only a matter of time. I also don’t understand when people bake a whole tray of brownies and then think they’ll have willpower to resist eating any. I have zero willpower in this situation – which is why I don’t bake!

So for the next few days, don’t leave your success to chance. Relying on willpower is not a good plan. Implement a strategy to help you overcome your greatest trigger and feel the difference on Monday.

Have an awesome weekend!

Kate :)