Thoughts On Friday…

Hello lovely people!

I’m going to start a new weekly tradition and summarize my thoughts of the week – on training, on nutrition, on life. I like Friday as it’s an opportunity to reflect on the week and gear up for adventures of the weekend!

This week I was reading a ton about why people fail at fat loss. Even when you are given a diet plan, a workout program to follow and even have a trainer, why do people still fail?

You simply can’t change unless you’re ready to change. Assessing your readiness to change according to ‘Stages of Change’ model can determine your success. (We’ll chat more about stages of change next week). It can also explain your previous failures. It doesn’t matter if you are on the most amazing diet, following the ‘perfect’ exercise program (actually this doesn’t exist–any exercise is great!) – if you’re not ready or willing to change your ways, your body and your life will not change. End of story. This goes for nutrition, exercise AND mindset.

Friday Night Twilight

There’s a bunch of reasons why people fail in their fat loss quest. I’m only going to scratch the surface and offer my two cents today. I think the main reason why people fail at loss is because there is too much information out there. So many silly diet and exercise books in stores and online! Plus, changing too much, all at once, gets overwhelming. Even with a clear cut plan, it still doesn’t work because it’s too complicated.

My number two reason why people fail is because they don’t connect with their reason ‘why’. You have to ask yourself – why? Why are you doing this? Why right now? Sounds goofy, but it’s so powerful. Why do you want to change? What will you sacrifice to succeed? I can’t answer that for anyone but myself, but I know if you don’t fully connect with this reason why, you will join the 98% of people who fail at self directed fat loss programs.

This weekend, think about YOUR reason why. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something that personally challenges you. Whether it be trying a new recipe, going to a different workout class or signing up to learn a new skill – DO IT!

Have an awesome weekend!

Kate :)