What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

Hello lovely people!

A super breakfast is a great way to start the day on the right path. That’s not just my personal opinion! Research has shown people who regularly eat breakfast have lower rates of Type 2 diabetes and are less likely to develop heart failure over their lifetime than those who don’t, according to a 2011 Georgia Centenarian Study. A 2006 study of 19,000 Americans found breakfast skippers are more likely to gain weight, because they are more inclined to overcompensate for the loss of key nutrients at breakfast by eating more fat-rich, high energy foods later in the day.

We know a ‘nothing’ breakfast, despite being low in calories and in theory good for weight loss, can lead to overeating at meals for the rest of the day. So what is the best thing to eat for breakfast when trying to lose fat? We’ll get to this in just a moment.

I often get asked what I eat for breakfast. To be honest, it changes. Variety is important with anything in life, and breakfast is no different.

The Evolution of My Breakfast
So it all began back in Australia, in a small country town west of Sydney. From an early age, my mum taught me the importance of eating a hearty, healthy breakfast before heading off to school. Each morning she very kindly whipped up the following:
– glass of orange juice (really hard to make this) ;)
– bowl of Weet-Bix cereal with milk and white sugar sprinkled over it
– 2 slices of white toast with a layer of butter and Vegemite

Big breakfast for a growing girl. This is a pretty common Australian breakfast. As I grew up and started college, with limited time and nothing in the cupboard, my breakfast was all over the place. (just like me really!) Some days I had a bowl of Special K cereal, other days breakfast cake and coffee, and some mornings I had a terrible hangover and couldn’t stomach anything!


Fast forward to New York and 2012. Today I have an on-the-go breakfast and a relaxed preferred option, depending on my schedule.


– FAGE 0% yoghurt with chia seeds, 10 almonds and flaxseeds

PREFERRED: (that’s it over there to the right)
– 2 whole hard boiled eggs
– 1/2 cup steamed lentils
– 10 cherry tomatoes
– 1/2 cup spinach

This may seem like a lunch meal, but it’s a perfect way to start the day. The key to a super breakfast is protein, having options and making it work with your schedule.

What Is A Super Breakfast for Fat Loss?

A great breakfast is one that has an equal ratio of carbs/fats/protein and can sustain you for at least 5-6 hours. In other words, unprocessed whole grains with lean meat/eggs, veggies and healthy fats (like seeds or olive oil). If this is not happening for you – it’s time to change your breakfast now! When you feel like you need a mid-morning snack this is a sign you didn’t eat enough protein at breakfast, and the high carb food that sent your blood sugars sky rocketing has now sent your energy levels plummeting into a black hole. Make small improvements, you don’t have to change everything at once as this will set you up for failure. Start by adding more protein. Eggs are a fantastic choice. Go easy on the sugars, and the processed carbs like bagels and cereals. You’ll feel better for it come 4pm.

Have a great day!

Kate :)

P.S. What do you eat for breakfast? Good or bad, let me know in the comments box below:

  • BOB

    Breakfast this morning consisted of …race round the table and kick of the cat.I was as busy as a one armed bricklayer in Beurout.
    I then had 3 cups of coffee and now i feel like dying. What should i do next….
    Desperate Cowra xxxx

    • http://outbackfitness.wordpress.com Outback Fitness

      Hi Bob – Sounds like you had an interesting breakfast. Where did you get it from? ;) If you’re short on time, pick up a yogurt. They’re easy and fast to make!

  • caren

    egg whites and turkey bacon, or oatmeal and a little 0% chobani yogurt

    • http://outbackfitness.wordpress.com Outback Fitness

      Awesome one Caren! :)