Welcome to the Awesome Outback Fitness Blog!

Hello lovely people:

Welcome welcome! We’re up and running and super excited to introduce our new blog!

The motto at Outback Fitness is “Smart Training. Sexy Results.” I’m here to put the “Smart” in your everyday training. And the sexy results will follow… The amount of information online relating to health, weight loss and nutrition is simply outrageous! It can be more than overwhelming not to mention confusing. It’s difficult to know who to trust.

I created this blog with you in mind. My aim is to decipher the important research findings that will impact you and help improve your lifestyle, eliminate all the rubbish and make you all feel confident you are making the right choices everyday. As I always tell my clients, there is no magic answer or magic exercise to weight loss. However there’s more to it than just exercise – so we’ll be discussing all factors that affect your health.

Just keep in mind when you feel like skipping your workout tomorrow: The only failure in life is not trying.

Trainer Kate :)